What if surgeons-in-training could learn, improve and refine technical surgical skills before even entering the operating room?

Problem To Solve

Before undertaking complex surgical skill training, trainees require a foundational understanding of how to hold, manipulate and utilize key surgical tools and instruments.  Moreover, these skill sets need to demonstrate accuracy, fluency and consistency.  Learning these skills in "real-time" within the clinical arena is challenging and simply not ideal for anyone involved.

Our Approach

Welcome to the Orthopedic Alumni Skills Laboratory at Montefiore, where we have developed creative and challenging learning platforms that allow for detailed task analysis and use of operant learning methodologies.  They also permit for meaningful repetition that can be tolerated by both the learner and the teacher and which ultimately, result in fluent, accurate and reproducible skills.  This blend of innovation and safety is another example of our commitment to both the care of our patients and the education of our surgeons-in-training.