What if doctors could direct radiation treatment to target individual tumor cells?

Red Blood Cells

Problem To Solve

Osteosarcoma is a rare bone cancer that generally requires both surgery and chemotherapy. While many patients can be cured, in some instances tumors are not as responsive to conventional chemotherapy as we would hope. For these patients, doctors currently have limited treatment choices. New treatments and therapeutic approaches are urgently needed.


Our Approach

We are evaluating the risk factors and prevalence of injuries to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve in obese patients undergoing arthroscopy in the standard beach chair position. Furthermore, we are assessing the efficacy of the standard padding and positioning protocol in reducing the prevalence of rotator cuff and labral injuries in this specific patient demographic. We hope that our findings will help surgeons minimize this clinically significant problem and provide a point of pre-operative discussions with obese patients about these potential occurrences.